A frothy Video Dog festival devoted to America's minty new pasttime.

By Kl

Published June 9, 2006 3:38PM (EDT)

We first posted on the strange phenomenon of mixing Mentos with diet cola in February. Since then, the scientific process has led to amazing breakthroughs in viewer enjoyment and artistic accomplishment. And as the grim, real-life images on the news continue to douse our natural love of seeing shit blown to smithereens, these explosions give us that same rush with no psychic calories. There's an explosion, a stream of foamy goodness, some shock (a freaked out dog or child), but only a minty mist is left in its wake.

Today, in a special Video Dog curated presentation, we offer an evolution of this winning new pasttime, from its humble origins to its spectacular, Vegas-ready application. Enjoy:

The Internet breakthrough:

Word spreads among giggling nerds, who all want a piece of the action:

The kids find out about it, and start taking dangerous risks:

Cool neighborhood dads (and freaked out doggies) discover the new trend:

Daffy sorority girls don't quit get it, but try (with Tic Tacs):

Smart alecks pit fruit-flavored Mentos against the original mint Mentos, set it to music:

Bleeding-edge video artistes get involved:

And finally, the high-mark for exploding diet soda. This creation, by scientific geniuses Fritz Grobe (the short one) and Stephen Voltz (the tall one), could well play the Bellagio one day -- or maybe MoMA. And we know we'd pay to see it, too:

By Kl


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