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David Brooks on differences between male and female brains, Scientologists fight newborn blood-screening law, and more.

Published June 12, 2006 9:57PM (EDT)

Associated Press: Nebraska Scientologist couple asks judge to declare infant blood-screening law unconstitutional. They argue that the practice, which is intended to identity metabolic diseases, conflicts with religious belief that newborns benefit from seven days of silence.

Boston Globe: Profile of teen girl from tough neighborhood in Boston who gets into Stanford.

New York Times (subscription required): Columnist David Brooks writes that understanding differences in male and female brains is key to helping boys do better in school and become more interested in reading.

Houston Chronicle: As more women buy homes, they're getting knee-deep in do-it-yourself home improvement projects.

Associated Press again: The class of blood pressure medication known as ACE inhibitors, which was known to cause birth defects in the last six months of pregnancy, is now found to be unsafe during the first trimester.

By Sarah Elizabeth Richards

Sarah Elizabeth Richards is a journalist based in New York. She can be reached at sarah@saraherichards.com.

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