A civil suit against Karl Rove?

A lawyer for Joseph Wilson and Valerie Plame says the day "still may come" when Rove and others are called to account.

Published June 13, 2006 1:38PM (EDT)

Joe Wilson may never get to see Karl Rove "frogmarched out of the White House in handcuffs," but he isn't giving up hope for some kind of "accountability moment."

Wilson has talked before about the possibility of filing a civil lawsuit against Rove and others involved in leaking his wife's identity, but he's said he would wait for Patrick Fitzgerald to finish his work first. Now that Fitzgerald appears to be finished, at least with Rove, the attorney for Wilson and his wife, Valerie Plame, seems to be hinting that such a suit may be in the works.

In a statement published this morning by Raw Story, attorney Christopher Wolf says that the letter Patrick Fitzgerald sent to Robert Luskin apparently means that Rove "will not be called to answer in criminal court for his participation in the wrongful disclosure of Valerie Wilson's classified employment status at the CIA in retaliation against Joe Wilson for questioning the rationale for war in Iraq."

However, Wolf says, "that obviously does not end the matter." He says that the day "still may come when Mr. Rove and others are called to account in a court of law for their attacks on the Wilsons."

By Tim Grieve

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