Coulter vs. Leno

Coulter walks all over Leno.

By Kl

Published June 15, 2006 5:09PM (EDT)

We were sort of looking forward to the hyped face-off between Ann Coulter and George Carlin on "The Tonight Show" -- we like a good fight! -- but what a waste of time. Carlin, Jay Leno's first guest, sat quietly, leaving all the questioning of Coulter to Leno. Talk about not up to the challenge. Maybe he should've watched Dave challenge O'Reilly for inspiration, but his tepid forays and whiny protests just set up Coulter up beautifully. It didn't help that, after her appearance had been touted earlier by Matt Drudge, the audience was stacked full of her crazies (be sure to read their charming report), who hooted along to every leaden punch line.

By Kl


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