Michelle Goldberg on KQED

Published June 19, 2006 10:16PM (EDT)

Salon writer Michelle Goldberg was on Michael Krasny's Forum radio show on the Bay Area's KQED on Monday morning as part of a panel discussion on the rise of Christian nationalism in the U.S. Joined by Chris Ortiz of the Chalcedon Foundation -- a Christian reconstructionist organization -- and Georgetown professor Michael Kazin, Goldberg opens by talking about how, in the course of writing about the Christian nationalist movement, she found the individual people behind it to be reasonable and personable, but "that no matter how kind people were one-on-one, they had a kind of all-encompassing vision of the world, which was so antithetical to mine and so explicitly based on revelation instead of reason that the kind of world they were going to create -- no matter how well intentioned -- was one in which me and the people I love would basically have only a very subservient place, if that." You can listen to the entire show (51:57, Real Audio) here.

-- Scott Lamb

By Salon Staff

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