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Pink fishing accessories, divorced dads and family court, sex and migraines, and more.

Published June 20, 2006 12:06AM (EDT)

Reuters: Study shows migraine sufferers may have increased libido. And guess what? Sex may alleviate the pain.

Associated Press: Since nearly 30 percent of Florida women fish, why not ply them with mimosas and really cute pink boots and lures?

New York Times: Yahoo parents' group called Peachhead has become formidable force.

New York Times (again): Op-Ed argues that the family court system penalizes fathers if they miss child support payments, but doesn't protect their custody rights.

New York Times (yet again): Has the focus on women's health shortchanged men?

By Sarah Elizabeth Richards

Sarah Elizabeth Richards is a journalist based in New York. She can be reached at sarah@saraherichards.com.

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