Online gamblers bet that Gore's gaining on Clinton

The Web wager world speaks about '08.

Published June 21, 2006 8:50PM (EDT)

Everyone who is still skeptical that Al Gore isn't running for president, while he fights global warming, you have some intriguing company -- online gamblers. While the odds on, an online casino, still favor Hillary Clinton in '08, Gore is gaining. "With 3-1 odds, Clinton's likely candidacy has been overshadowed in recent weeks by the re-emergence of former Vice President Al Gore as the Democrats' potential nominee," the company said in a statement. "Odds on Gore winning the 2008 election have jumped markedly from 70-1, when betting opened a year ago, to 20 -1 currently. This significant shift reflects the sizeable increase in bets wagered on Gore over the past six months, a probable reaction to rampant media speculation of a second Gore candidacy."

Whether the Democratic candidate is Hillary or Al, the wagerers on do expect a Democrat to take back the White House in '08. "Although bettors are evenly divided between Clinton and Gore, a resounding majority believe that the 44th President of the United States will be a Democrat," the company said. "Nearly 20% more bets are being wagered on Democrat than Republican candidates to win the Presidency in 2008."

By Katharine Mieszkowski

Katharine Mieszkowski is a senior writer for Salon.

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