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On your next visit to Kuwait, fly Jazeera Airways! Also, Hollywood and other progressive countries aren't afraid to elect a female president. What gives, U.S. electorate?

Published June 22, 2006 11:53PM (EDT)

Reuters: Three cheers for Jazeera Airways! The first Kuwaiti election to include women falls during the popular travel season, so they're offering women free tickets to fly home to vote.

Reuters, part deux: You know women and their tendency toward hysteria. Well, it's getting them hospitalized more often than men for asthma-related symptoms.

Associated Press: Several other countries have elected a female president, and even Hollywood isn't afraid to imagine a woman in the White House. But where does the U.S. electorate stand?

More Associated Press: A jury was selected for Andrea Yates' retrial. Roughly 20 of the potential jurors said they'd already decided that Yates is insane.

BBC News: China's the only country where women's suicide rate is higher than men's. Here's a cold hard fact: A woman kills herself in China every four minutes.

By Tracy Clark-Flory

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