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Gay and lesbian pride edition!

Published June 23, 2006 10:16PM (EDT)

This weekend cities across the country are celebrating Gay and Lesbian Pride Month with notoriously off-the-wall events in San Francisco and New York. Broadsheet's kicking off the weekend with these prideful links.

In These Times: "Sticks & Stones ... and Dykes."

St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Gay and lesbian teens are coming out at earlier ages.

San Francisco Chronicle: The transgender community thanks one of its longtime allies -- retired police officer Elliot Blackstone -- by inviting him to be a grand master in this weekend's Pride Parade. Check out the great picture of San Francisco's badass female police chief congratulating Blackstone!

Southern Voice: In Atlanta, Pride Prom gives gay youth an evening all their own.

By Tracy Clark-Flory

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