A kindie rock primer

Published June 24, 2006 12:00AM (EDT)

To celebrate the new breed of kids music, we asked some of our favorite kindie rockers to let us offer a song or two for free download, and the resulting playlist covers a good range of the scene's sound, from the ska-punk antics of "Meltdown," the title track of of Justin Roberts' recent release, to the melodic folk-rock of Laurie Berkner's "Walk Along the River," from the bonus CD of her "We Are ... The Laurie Berkner Band" DVD. Also included here: Dan Zanes' roots-rock groove "House Party Time" from 2003's "House Party," two songs from Baltimore's Milkshake -- the alt-rocky "Happy Song" and "Bottle of Sunshine," a pop song that could almost be from the '80s in its ebullient enthusiasm -- and a more somber but wonderfully catchy song from Roberts, "Sand Castles." They'll only be up for a week, so download them now!

If you're looking for new sources of children's music, the Web, as always, is obliging: Check out Zooglobble, Kids' Music that Rocks, ((sm))all ages and the About.com Children's Music page.

1. "Meltdown," Justin Roberts
2. "House Party Time," Dan Zanes
3. "Happy Song," Milkshake
4. "Walk Along the River," Laurie Berkner
5. "Sand Castles," Justin Roberts
6. "Bottle of Sunshine," Milkshake

-- Scott Lamb

By Salon Staff

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