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Breaking news: A definitive answer to the age-old question of what women want!

Published June 29, 2006 10:25PM (EDT)

San Francisco Chronicle: Patricia Mercado, the sole female candidate in Mexico's upcoming elections, is pro-choice, a supporter of same-sex marriage and a devoted women's rights activist. But her chances of being elected are about as good as Star Jones' odds of ever being rehired by ABC.

More San Francisco Chronicle: Bevan Dufty, who is gay, and Rebecca Goldfader, a lesbian, have a baby girl due in October. The pair -- who clarify they are not a couple -- plan to live in separate but adjacent apartments and raise their daughter together.

Daily Mail: Because far too many hours have passed since the last publication of an article declaring the rise in raunch culture and probing whether it's empowering or demeaning for women. News flash: Young women are performing sexually for men and dressing like whores.

Associated Press: As he leaves his post as president of Harvard, Larry Summers comments on his controversial statements about the dearth of women in top science jobs: "The signal that was sent by those remarks was anything but what I intended or what I believe ... At the same time, no subject should be off limits for academic research in a university." No gripes with that.

Woman's Day: In partnership with AOL, Woman's Day offers the results of a poll about what women want. Turns out that after a bad day, 54 percent of women just want a hug, and 35 percent say they're missing physical intimacy from their relationship. (But what do the women at Broadsheet want? An end to laughable polls about what women want.)

Dooce: C'mon, just give Britney Spears a break, says Heather B. Armstrong of the blog Dooce. "While I may disagree with her taste in clothes and footwear, I do not think that she is a terrible mother," Armstrong writes. "She is showing every glaring wrinkle of motherhood, and that is fundamentally a beautiful thing."

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