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If you can access this post, give yourself a pat on the back! Plus: Has the World Cup inflicted injury on "female children across the globe?"

Published June 30, 2006 10:55PM (EDT)

Fox News: Women underestimate their ability to navigate the Internet. To read more, click the above link. (If you can figure out how.)

Boing Boing: This product name is either lost in translation or strangely telling -- you decide. Meet "Benign Girl," Taiwans answer to Barbie. She comes with these instructions: "Beautiful girl, press any button!"

BBC: With the media aflutter over teen safety on MySpace, two teenage girls turn the tables, arranging to meet an adult male MySpace "friend" and mugging him at gunpoint.

The Standard: "For its exclusive masculine character and unquestionably profound global appeal, the World Cup festival must certainly consternate feminists," writes Harrison Kinjanjui. We're not quite sure where he got the impression that feminists believe the World Cup has inflicted injury on "female children across the globe," but it's funny that so little of the whining about women's "consternation" over the month-long tournament actually comes from women.

Associated Press: In response to posts on www.dontdatehimgirl.com making claims about his infidelity, a Pittsburgh attorney is suing the site's creator. The site dubs itself "The Internet's largest database of alleged cheaters."

Alternet: A rape scene in F/X's "Rescue Me" -- in which the main character rapes his estranged wife and she appears to come to enjoy it -- has inspired an online uproar. Valid points are being raised, but in this Broadsheeter's opinion, this knee-jerk Alternet piece misses the mark completely.

The Onion archives for July 4, 1937: "Amelia Earhart Missing: Famed Aviatrix Probably Just Shopping, Search Teams Say."

Happy Fourth of July, everyone! We'll be back in production Wednesday, July 5th.

By Tracy Clark-Flory

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