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The college gender gap, working women eating junk food and more.

Published July 12, 2006 11:31PM (EDT)

New York Times: New examination of data on men and women in college gives a more nuanced view of the gender gap. It turns out that men of all races (not just white) in the highest income groups were more likely than women to attend college. Tamar Lewin gives a thorough rundown of the progress of men from various economic groups and backgrounds.

Los Angeles Times: Football players at Fresno City College are questioned by police about the alleged rape of an 11-year-old girl.

Reuters: Women who work long hours are more likely to smoke, drink coffee and eat junk food than are men who work long hours, according to a British study.

Columbia Journalism Review: Interesting Q&A with Jemele Hill on what it's like to be the only black female sportswriter in 305 newspapers surveyed. Says Hill: "I don't mind being considered a 'black columnist,' because I bring those experiences to my column. On the other hand, it's sad. What does it say about our business that I'm the only one?"

Associated Press: Enviromental group finds that canned tuna imported from Mexico and Ecuador has higher levels of mercury than U.S. federal guidelines allow.

Treehugger: "Two angry moms" are making a documentary to expose the poor quality of school lunches.

Associated Press: A new amendment to the law allows the Pakistani government to release 130 women (some on bail) who were jailed on charges of murder, theft and adultery. Some 1,300 more are eligible.

Reuters: Women who smoke are twice as likely as men who smoke to develop lung cancer, a study says.

By Sarah Elizabeth Richards

Sarah Elizabeth Richards is a journalist based in New York. She can be reached at sarah@saraherichards.com.

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