Strangers with Florrie

An old anti-drug scare special, starring a proto–Jerri Blank

By L.c.

Published July 14, 2006 2:42AM (EDT)

In honor of this month's release of "Strangers with Candy," we bring you fabulous footage of real-life ex-con junkie whore, Florrie Fisher, the inspiration behind Amy Sedaris' Jerri Blank character. Though Florrie didn't return to high school to relive lost years, she did go back to say painfully inappropriate things in front of teenagers, such as "While I was [in the hospital], they brought in a straight-B student...she was part Negro, part Spanish, and part Indian -- and believe me she had the beauty of all three."

These two clips from Fisher's 1970 public service special "The Trip Back" are a bit like a screen test for Jerri Blank's trademark twisted grimace.

When one student tries to diffuse the scaremongering by suggesting that not everyone who smokes pot needs psychiatric help (or moves on to heroin), Florrie retaliates with a story that makes "getting hooked on horse" sound like a happy ending compared to the trouble her friends got into after smoking some "sticks of marijuana."

By L.c.


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