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"Snakes on a Plane" -- the viral videos.

By Kl - L.c.

Published July 17, 2006 12:34PM (EDT)

We've been keeping track of the best "Snakes on a Plane" parodies for months now so that we could compile them into this nifty little gallery for you. Now that it's finished, and we no longer have to watch these ever again, we feel a little like we just escaped some . . . well, we'd bet you can guess. (If you've managed to avoid this whole "Snakes On A Plane" thing, and don't know what we're referring to, read this fine piece.)

The first videos to appear on the Internet were fake trailers for a film we had only heard about, but had captured our imagination nonetheless:

The parody soon became more sophisticated, and this one by Doomed Planet," called "How Hollywood Reall Works," tried to answer the most pressing question about the whole phenomenon. Worth watching, especially for the line: "it's 'Schindler's List' meets 'Panic Room!'"

A rap song about "Snakes" should be as lame as it sounds, and yet this one, by The Zebro Show, has some inspired moments:

The reference-heavy world of video nerds hits its zenith with this spoof, "All Your Snakes Are Belong To Us," which marries one old Web fetish with this new one. (Tip: Five seconds, and you get the gist.):

This last one may be the true viral breakout of the bunch, with actor Dave Coyne showing us the lost auditions for "Snakes." Frankly, his Nicholson spooks us out too much for us to fully enjoy this one. But the guy does a mean Walken:

Are we missing a truly great one? Email us ( and let us know, and if it's good enough, we'll post.

By Kl


By L.c.


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