Burn your yellow wrist band?

Lance Armstrong's rear assault at the Espys.

By Kl

Published July 18, 2006 5:31PM (EDT)

Lance Armstrong's gay jokes at the Espy Awards (which aired Sunday) certainly annoyed the New York Times, which gets some serious finger-wagging in today, particularly at ESPN for airing two dumb cracks aimed at "Brokeback Mountain" star Jake Gyllenhaal during Armstrong's opening monologue (watch below -- they are at about the 3:20 mark). Writes Richard Sandomir: "The program was taped last week, and no one at ESPN had the good taste to rule that anal-sex and gay jokes (Armstrong followed one with the other) exhibited a lack of decorum?" We're not big advocates of decorum -- which most award shows really suffer from. But we are fans of funny, and these jokes -- no matter how frantically Ben Stiller and wife clap clap clap away! -- just aren't. Like it in the rear? Yeesh. Maybe it just proves that it doesn't take balls to make gay jokes on ESPN.

By Kl


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