Surreal Rock Hudson flashback!

Rock Hudson and Bea Arthur belt out an ode to recreational drug use.

By Kl

Published July 20, 2006 6:52PM (EDT)

Do we really need to explain the joy in watching Rock Hudson and Bea Arthur belting out Cy Coleman's "Ev'rybody Today is Turning On," an odd ode to drug use from the musical "I Love My Wife"?

Bea: For some it's dust/For some it's weed
Rock: For some it's acid/For some it's speed
Chorus: Ev'rybody today is turning on!

The musical premiered on Broadway in 1977 with other stars, but this looks to have aired around that same time. And, safe to say, it's surely the only time Rock ever sang about "poppers" before a live televised audience.

By Kl


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