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An I.T.-industry pinup calendar, women pump iron, the migraine/heart disease link and more.

Published July 20, 2006 11:30PM (EDT)

Sydney Morning Herald, via Nerve: "Screen Goddess" pinup calendar purports to promote women's participation in information technology fields. Protesters aren't so sure.

Sandmonkey, via Metafilter: One proposed explanation for the disturbing pictures of Israeli girls writing messages on rockets bound for Lebanon: They were tricked by foreign photographers.

Associated Press: More women are lifting weights, for both health and vanity reasons.

BBC: Sharing a bed with a partner disturbs sleep of both men and women, but men's cognitive abilities suffer more the next day as a result. Also, men remember dreams better when they had sex the night before, whereas no nooky means better recall for women.

Bloomberg: Progress has been made, but even now fewer than one in three medical studies has women as lead authors.

ABC News: Women who get migraines with auras are twice as likely to develop heart disease.

Los Angeles Times: An illegal immigrant went before a judge to ask for a restraining order against her husband. Instead, the judge said he'd give her 20 seconds to leave the courtroom before having her arrested and deported.

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