Blown out of proportion

Fox slices and dices Wexler's coke-and-hookers "confession."

By L.c.

Published July 25, 2006 12:53PM (EDT)

When Rep. Robert Wexler told Stephen Colbert that passing the time with prostitutes and cocaine was "a fun thing to do," we knew he was going along with a joke. So did Fox News, but they decided that context made the clip less convincing. On Friday, Brian Wilson introduced an edited version of Wexler's Colbert appearance that made his response seem much more enthusiastic. Here, a fastidious YouTuber brings us the Fox segment and then deconstructs it. (Note: If you watched the the original clip we posted on Friday, no need to stick around for the exhaustive analysis.)

Like hookers 'n' blow, a joke apparently doesn't have much staying power. Now, Wexler's in trouble for his remarks, as reported by -- who else -- Fox News.

By L.c.


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