Coulter: Bill Clinton is a "latent" homosexual

Her evidence? His sexual relations with women.

Published July 26, 2006 2:18PM (EDT)

A couple of small newspapers have dropped Ann Coulter's column over the past few weeks. Maybe those who haven't yet should check out Wonkette's transcript of Coulter's appearance this week on Donny Deutsch's show.

Under prodding from Deutsch, Coulter repeated on the air something she had told him just before the cameras went on: She thinks Bill Clinton is at least a little bit gay. Her evidence? Well, all those sexual relations he's had with women, of course. "I think that sort of rampant promiscuity does show some level of latent homosexuality," Coulter explained.

Coulter, who said she was "glued" to the Kenneth Starr report about the president, claimed that Clinton didn't know Monica Lewinsky's name "until their sixth sexual encounter," and she finds something "of the bathhouse about that." "It's reminiscent of a bathhouse," she said. "It's just this obsession with your own -- with your own essence."

Deutsch -- the reasonable one in this particular conversation -- asked whether it's possible that Clinton might be "narcissistic" or a "nymphomaniac" without being gay. "Well," Coulter responded, "there is something narcissistic about homosexuality, right? Because you're in love with someone who looks like you. I'm not breaking new territory here. Why are you looking at me like that?"

By Tim Grieve

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