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Narcissistic feminists seek good sex, taking the fun out of kindergarten, the jailbreak blogger, and more.

Published July 27, 2006 9:37PM (EDT)

City Journal, via Nerve: "Narcissistic" second-wave feminists are now "desperate grandmothers" and "still seeking the best sex ever." (While aging antifeminists prudently pursue the worst sex possible, one assumes.)

New York Times: Overinvolved parents organize their adult children's love lives. Or, as the headline puts it, "Spouse Courtesy of Mom the Matchmaker."

New York Times, again: In an attempt to meet No Child Left Behind standards and ensure future academic success, kindergartens are scrapping playtime for worksheets and math drills.

Los Angeles Times: A long investigation into the serial rapes and strangulation deaths of 14 women and teenagers in the border city of Juarez, Mexico has been "quietly closed" with no resolution.

Washington Post: Transcript of a reader chat with documentary film director and producer Gini Reticker and Charlotte Mangin, discussing their made-for-PBS movie "Class of 2006," which profiles Morocco's first group of female religious leaders. Sample question: "Why does Islam view women as inferior?" Gini Reticker's answer: "I don't think Islam has a monopoly on this." Good stuff.

London Times, via Metafilter: "International conwoman" Farah Damiji escaped from prison earlier this week... and now she's somewhere blogging about her jailbreak, much to the consternation of British authorities. We smell a Lifetime Original Movie.

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