Fox 5: Punk'd!

Morning news prank sends anchor into a rage.

By L.c.

Published July 28, 2006 5:24PM (EDT)

More evidence that TV journalism is but a playground of hair-pulling and hectoring: This morning on Fox's "Good Day New York," co-anchor Jodi Applegate stood by as the Neistat brothers (creators of the popular short "Bike Thief") demonstrated how very easy it is to steal a bike in New York. With an angle grinder. As the news camera zoomed in for a closer look at the flying sparks, one brother faked contact with the blade and fell to the ground, squirting a ketchup packet and jerking and gagging like any 12-year-old who knows how to scare a teacher during recess.

Applegate immediately started yelling, "Cut it out!" as he got up -- microphone still snugly in hand -- and tried to calm her down. Given the tone of her lecture, we're surprised she didn't grab Neistat by the elbow and march him off to the principal's office.

Via Drudge.

By L.c.


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