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Gun-slinging female bandits, quadruplets and one unrepentant pimp.

Published July 28, 2006 11:35PM (EDT)

Los Angeles Times: 6 plus 4 = One tenuous existence. Two immigrants from Mexico, living in a one-bedroom apartment in L.A. with five of their six kids, have quadruplets. "I don't have anything," the dazed mother Angela Magdaleno, 40, says, "Just children."

MSNBC: Are murder victims "asking for it" now too? Note that this story mentions an 18-year-old was wearing, a black halter top and white miniskirt at the time of her abduction.

Alternet: Claim: Women's rights in the U.S. are at a low not seen since the fifties.

USA Today: Massive child-prostitution crackdown in the U.S. yields 543 arrests, 94 convictions. Unrepentant pimp: "Some of my best girls were minors."

Beaumont Enterprise: Gun-slinging women form gang of bandits, impersonate men, go on crime spree in Texas.

Times Online: In 150 years, women will earn the same as men.

BBC News: British study of 61 hetero male university students finds hungry men fancy heavier women.

By Katharine Mieszkowski

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