Hummer humpers for peace

By L.c.

Published August 2, 2006 10:53PM (EDT)

To the extent that cars are symbols of personal and sexual power, civilian Hummer drivers take themselves way too seriously. So often, too, do environmental and peace activists. Which is why the folks at I Humped Your Hummer decided to subject their target to a more comedic form of lust: the public, pelvic hump-and-run.

The IHYH editors object to the basic invasion Hummers have made on our landscape. "It is a gross display of power and unrighteous dominion to park a Hummer somewhere that would otherwise be occupied by something considerably more pleasant: a baby carriage, a flower box brimming with geraniums, a bench for the elderly to rest their weary joints," they write in their manifesto. "Our contention is with the way in which ordinary, unthreatening public areas are rendered hostile and aggressive by the imposition of a vehicle as large and militaristic as a Hummer."

They decided that the best way to make a political protest is with "the radical destabilization that a good humping produces." We've sampled here a few of the videos made by editors as well as fans for the IHYH Website. So sit back and enjoy the ride, starting with this staple of the form, the drive-by.


This stripmall honey can accommodate two suitors at once.

Humpin' in the rain.

In this touching video set to the dance anthem "Call on Me," it was hump at first sight.

By L.c.


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