Big Joe-mentum, in the wrong direction

A new poll shows Lieberman in big trouble in Connecticut's Democratic primary race for U.S. Senate.

Published August 3, 2006 9:03PM (EDT)

You might say he's on the wrong side of history. A poll out today from Quinnipiac University shows incumbent Joe Lieberman in big trouble, with challenger Ned Lamont opening up a whopping lead in Connecticut's Democratic primary race for U.S. Senate. The race now stands at 54 to 41 percent in favor of Lamont, according to the new survey. "Among Lamont supporters, 65 percent say their vote is mainly against Lieberman," it shows. "Lieberman's support for the war in Iraq is the main reason they are voting for the challenger, 44 percent of Lamont voters say, with 50 percent who say the war is one of the reasons." As Quinnipiac University poll director Douglas Schwartz puts it, "Sen. Lieberman's campaign bus seems to be stuck in reverse. Despite visits from former President Bill Clinton and other big name Democrats, Lieberman has not been able to stem the tide to Lamont." Schwartz notes that three months ago Lamont was "virtually unheard of." Nonetheless, he says, there are five days left in the race, and one should "never count out a veteran" with Lieberman's experience. A gap of 13 points makes it pretty tough to count it any other way.

By Mark Follman

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