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It's summer, it's hot and it's time for Salon's "Songs for a BBQ" playlist contest! David Marchese kicks it off with his sweaty mix -- "Heat Wave Madness."

Published August 5, 2006 1:00AM (EDT)

(It's going to be a brutally hot weekend, perhaps better suited to hiding near the air conditioner than flipping burgers out back, but that makes it the perfect time to start crafting your entry into Salon's summer playlist contest. The theme this year is barbecue, so for added inspiration, download the tracks from editorial fellow David Marchese's mix below. To enter your very own playlist for consideration, check out the guidelines -- as well as a deft playlist from Salon's Thomas Bartlett -- here.)

"Heat Wave Madness BBQ Mix," by David Marchese

Everything starts off nice and cheery as the guests roll in. By the time the kegs arrive, people have already started dancing. A notion crosses your mind: "Let's do this thang." Before you know it, the ice-cold brews and sizzling burgers, impossible to resist, are setting your taste buds alight. Time passes, the sun beats mercilessly down, and you realize only the hardcores are left. Everything slows down as bloat sets in. A satisfied dizziness pulls hard at your eyelids and you succumb. You open your eyes in the middle of the night and see no one, leaving you alone to wonder where all that ketchup came from.

1. "Gotta Get Out," the Bicycles
2. "Another Sunny Day," Belle and Sebastian
3. "The Hook," Stephen Malkmus
4. "If We Can't Escape, My Pretty," Nic Armstrong
5. "Miracle Drug," A.C. Newman
6. "Your Little Hoodrat Friend," the Hold Steady
7. "The Straight Life," Mudhoney
8. "8," Boredoms
9. "Sleepy Silver Door," Dead Meadow
10. "It's Over Love," Richard Hawley

By Salon Staff

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