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A Game Crazy sales video says booyah!

By L.c.

Published August 8, 2006 3:57PM (EDT)

Video-game retailer Game Crazy had more than players in mind when it shot this training video for new employees. It likes to think of its sales force as "doggs" who can load up their G.C. "playas" with lots of "20-inch chrome rims," or game accessories. Zelda Scott, the cherub-cheeked white woman Game Crazy hired to recite lines like, "I'm down here in the hizzouse, you know, the hizzy, with the G.C. posse to get the 411 on Game Crazy," does the best she can with her newscaster enunciation. (Note: This clip is the full 16 minutes, but Zelda's segment -- the highlight -- is at the very beginning.)

(Via Consumerist)

By L.c.


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