Summer playlist contest

Another raucous entry in the Songs for a BBQ playlist contest

Published August 9, 2006 5:30PM (EDT)

(Here's another entry in Salon's summer playlist contest -- download, listen and enjoy, and then submit your own! Deadline is Aug. 21. See our guidelines here.)

"Alert the Neighborhood," by Scott Lamb

Sure, a barbecue is a great way to usher in an evening or celebrate the bacchanal charms of summer, but it's also a great excuse to turn up the volume and really irritate the neighbors. Making no distinctions of genre or style, this list is all about songs that sound good played really, really loud (with one or two breaks to give your eardrums a rest).

1. "Good Weekend," Art Brut
2. "Banquet (Junior Sanchez Remix)," Bloc Party
3. "Somersault," Danger Mouse and Zero 7 (featuring MF Doom)
4. "Love Me or Hate Me," Lady Sovereign
5. "Fit but You Know It," the Streets
6. "Destroyer (Demo Version)," the Stills
7. "Touch You Touch You," Hot Hot Heat
8. "Naked as We Came," Iron and Wine
9. "Lovertits," Peaches
10. "10:1," Rogue Wave
11. "Ageless Beauty," Stars

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