Conversations: Tommy Chong

Tommy Chong on Martha Stewart, "Evil Bong" and setting "Up in Smoke" to music.

Published August 9, 2006 7:01AM (EDT)

Tommy Chong -- once one-half of the comedy duo called Cheech and Chong, with Cheech Marin -- has long claimed to be much less of a pothead than his public persona would imply, and this week he admits that the last time he puffed was with Tom Green -- almost a month ago. "I got a bronchiolar condition that kind of scared me, because I usually don't share bongs ... I don't think I'll smoke [anymore]. I think I'll get a vaporizer, or just cook it into some healthy food." Chong's status as America's most visible stoner has gotten him into trouble in the past; in 2003, he was arrested and his bong company closed as part of a nationwide crackdown on drug paraphenalia. Chong ended up spending nine months in prison, but turned his time into a book, "The I Chong: Meditations From the Joint," released this week. Speaking to Salon by phone, Chong talked about jail time, how Cheech and Chong anticipated MTV, how he feels about Marin now, and his bit role in the movie "Evil Bong": "The reason I'm laughing, I'm sitting here thinking about how for some reason we end up in a topless nightclub." (Click here to listen; to read the Q&A, click here.)

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-- Scott Lamb

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