Cynthia's hair-raising adventures!

Cynthia McKinney's excellent adventures.

By Kl

Published August 9, 2006 9:20PM (EDT)

Before we bid bye-bye to Rep. Cynthia McKinney (for now -- she's come back before), let's peruse the highlight reel, OK? And let's start with this expert "Daily Show" analysis of McKinney's antics earlier this year after her confrontation with a Hill police officer:

About the same time, McKinney had an awkward dust-up with CNN's Wolf Blitzer, which some amateur mash-up artist had a little fun with:

Here's a clip showing McKinney stopped by another Hill officer for a documentary, and as we said before we found it tough to side with McKinney:

And then, more recently, is this rather chilling scene of McKinney trashing an aide when she thought the microphones were off (ala Bush at the G8), and then trying to bully the media into not using it:

And yet, this barely scratches the surface of McKinney's exploits, from raising the question of whether President Bush knew that 9/11 was going to happen, to her father's blatant anti-Semitism, to her dark, revisionist theory about the murder of Martin Luther King, to her charming comment about Al Gore, in 2000, that his "Negro tolerance level has never been too high. I've never known him to have more than one black person around him at any given time." (Gore's campaign manager, Donna Brazile, happened to be black.) But you'll just have to follow the links to read about those.

By Kl


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