What to wear when you're promoting Plan B

Blogger Bitch Ph.D. kicks off an information campaign with some sweet T-shirts.

Published August 10, 2006 12:15PM (EDT)

This just in: Bitch Ph.D. rocks! Last week, we called for an information campaign alerting women to how emergency contraception actually works. Now, our favorite diploma-bedecked blogger has launched just such a campaign.

After inviting her readers to review potential designs for an informational T-shirt and taking suggestions offered in blog comments (very cool), Bitch Ph.D. has made E.C. tees available via GoodStorm. In a variety of different designs and styles, they say: "Plan B prevents abortion. Ask me how."

Pretty sweet! Given the rampant misinformation on the subject, anyone wearing this shirt is in for some fascinating conversations. And given that we're still keeping our fingers crossed that Plan B really will become available over the counter in the nearish future -- plus the fact that teens still won't be able to get E.C. without a prescription -- those conversations couldn't be more timely or crucial. If you'd like to pick up a shirt, 15 percent of profits go to reproductive health charities. And whether or not you're wearing a message on your clothing, please help spread the truth about Plan B.

By Page Rockwell

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