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Women's alleged reliance on hair dye, a bittersweet women's rights anniversary in South Africa, and a weird little holiday in New York.

Published August 10, 2006 10:36PM (EDT)

New York Times: Some women stop coloring their hair based on the (not entirely substantiated) suggestion that the dye may put users at elevated risk for certain cancers. Here's the best part, though: "For those who view hair dye as the embodiment of their personality, youthfulness and attractiveness, the mere suggestion that the beauty treatment might be risky seemed to constitute a threat to self-image." Hey, New York Times, my personality isn't defined by hair dye. It is defined by Dawn dish liquid.

Independent:The 50th anniversary of the Women's March in Pretoria, South Africa, was on Wednesday. South African President Thabo Mbeki gave a rousing speech, but one of the original event organizers pointed out how insufficient progress has been. "Today, I'm not happy with what is happening. This is not what we struggled for -- raping of babies, rampant poverty, trafficking of children, and so many ugly things," Sophie de Bruyn laments.

Gawker: Coverage of the mystifying National Underwear Day.

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