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An update on Ms. magazine's "I Had an Abortion" petition.

Published August 14, 2006 5:30PM (EDT)

Thanks to all the Broadsheet readers who wrote in to share their views on Ms. magazine's current "I Had an Abortion" petition. The conversation showcased the attitude aspect of the abortion debate, with readers zinging back and forth over whether proclaiming that you've had an abortion constitutes bragging, or whether it's more acceptable to have an abortion if you feel contrite or guilty about it.

Broadsheet readers also raised a crucial point about the petition in question: It seemed to require that women who have not had abortions, but wanted to "stand with their sisters" in support of reproductive choice, had to donate to the Ms. fund in order to sign the petition. I didn't realize this when I initially wrote about the petition, and called Ms. to ask what was up. Ms. executive editor Katherine Spillar hadn't realized that either! "It's a mistake, and it's a little embarrassing," she told me over the phone today, promising to fix the interface so that readers don't have to contribute to the fund in order to sign. She said, "by this afternoon they should be able to try again," and thanked Broadsheet readers for alerting them to the problem.

So, I apologize for the oversight -- and big thanks to all you alert readers for pointing out the error!

By Page Rockwell

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