"Iraq Thanks Mighty Fine Americans"

Impeachment obscenity is in the eye of the beholder.

Published August 16, 2006 7:14PM (EDT)

An Iowa resident named Glen Keenan just got a set of personalized license plates for his car, and now the state's Department of Transportation says he has to give them back. The plates say "ITMFA," and if you can't figure out why the DOT has a problem with that -- we couldn't, either -- then check out www.itmfa.com.

We're still not sure that we understand the basis for the DOT's decision to recall the plates. As Keenan tells the Des Moines Register, ITMFA could mean any number of things -- "I Think 'Macaca' Flopped, Allen" -- and his plates are obscene only if every other plate bearing the letter "F" is obscene, too. Moreover, as a tour of the ITMFA site reveals, Massachusetts and the District of Columbia have apparently seen fit to issue plates bearing the letters ITMFA, whatever they might mean to the drivers who've put them on their rides.

As for Keenan, he says he's not turning in his plates until George W. Bush is impeached or otherwise out of office. Which is to say, "In the Morning for America."

By Tim Grieve

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