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America, land of pedophiles. Also, punishing "honor killers" and their enablers.

Published August 21, 2006 10:00PM (EDT)

Slate: America, let's face it, we're all pedophiles at heart! We're fascinated by JonBenet Ramsey because she represents a "lingering fantasy...one deep and dangerous in our cultural subconscious," James R. Kincaid writes. "JonBenet will not rest until our need for her finds an outlet less necrophilic." Also, the New York Time's well-timed two-part series on child pornography is fascinating and truly stomach-churning. Part one tackles the proliferation of sites featuring nearly-nude child models, while part two reveals that pedophiles trade tips in cyber communities.

San Francisco Chronicle: Honor killings are increasing across Europe. Thankfully, Denmark has dealt harsh penalties for these "honor killers," as well as for family members who concoct or enable the murder plan. Let's hope other countries follow suit.

Los Angeles Times: Columnist Meghan Daum laments that, thanks to Southern California's new Jill FM, the days of gender-neutral radio are gone. Jill is the perfect companion for women age 25 to 54, says the station's general manger Robert Christy: "I can tell you that [Jill] would not go to a sweaty bar at the beach. She likes to drink cosmopolitans, but after climbing out of the water from surfing, she'd enjoy a cold beer. She'd never drive drunk, possibly because she might have learned her lesson in the past...Also, she has three dogs: a cocker named Joe, a springer named Jerry and a poodle named Tony  that's for Tony Blair. Plus she has a Persian cat." Daum queries, "I'm in that demographic, so why do I want to punch Jill in the face?"

Washington Post: In the general population, the percentage of women who develop post-traumatic stress disorder is twice that of men. Mysteriously, though, female Iraq combat vets develop PTSD at the same rates as men. "Those who make it through boot camp may be a hardier group," offered Patricia A. Resick, director of the Women's Health Sciences Division of the National Center for PTSD.

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