We hate to watch

The six TV shows we nominate for cancellation.

Published August 22, 2006 12:05PM (EDT)

We love television, and we thrill when the great shows of the day reach dizzying new heights in storytelling and performance. Which is why we reserve a special place of scorn for those that disappoint us. This year, we've singled out six shows that deserve to be tuned out, unplugged and remaindered to the outer reaches of cable rerun purgatory for good. Here are the nominees, and our reasons why:

"24": Time's up
The dismal, humorless world of Jack Bauer has us rooting for the terrorists.
By Laura Miller

"The O.C.": Into the sunset
A soap with a life span as long as a teen romance.
By Michael Scherer

No Grace
Her popularity can only be based on the viewers' contempt.
By Scott Lamb

L is for lame
How "The L Word" lost its intoxicating boundary pushing.
By Hillary Frey

"The Closer" -- nail it shut
She solves the crime -- but we end up doing the time.
By Scott Lamb

Larry King's Lite-Brite needs to be turned off for good.
By Amy Reiter

By Salon Staff

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