Bill Frist, M.D.

The Senate majority leader faces fines for claiming medical education he didn't receive.

Published August 31, 2006 1:47PM (EDT)

When we left the law for political journalism, we put ourselves on "inactive" status with our state bar precisely because we knew we wouldn't have time to keep up with the continuing-education requirement we would otherwise face.

Who knew that there was another way?

Bill Frist did, apparently.

To maintain his license to practice medicine -- and with it, the credibility to make incredible, long-distance medical diagnoses -- Frist had to certify earlier this year that he had completed 40 hours of continuing education over the past two years. He did. Certify, we mean. What he didn't do was complete the continuing education.

As the Associated Press reports, the Tennessee Department of Health is fixing to fine Frist $40 for every hour of continuing education he didn't complete and likely will require him to complete 10 "penalty" hours within the year.

By Tim Grieve

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