Al Gore in 2008?

Or, when is a book contract just a book contract?

Published September 18, 2006 2:10PM (EDT)

While Barack Obama is off making the rounds in Iowa, the Washington Post's John Harris and Shailagh Murray think they've spotted a tea leaf worth reading about Al Gore. The former vice president has signed a deal with Penguin Press to write a book on how "the public arena has grown more hostile to reason." The book is due out in May -- just in time, Harris and Murray say, to "produce new momentum for Gore to make another bid for the White House."

The ever-so-slightly-more-encouraging latest word from Gore himself: "I haven't completely ruled out running for president again in the future, but I don't expect to."

By Tim Grieve

Tim Grieve is a senior writer and the author of Salon's War Room blog.

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