Give the guy a big hand

A look at the short brilliant works of Michel Gondry.

By Kl - D.m.

Published September 21, 2006 4:29PM (EDT)

If this piece has you anxiously awaiting the premiere of Michel Gondry's latest, "The Science of Sleep," you're not alone. We've enjoyed Gondry's visual alternaworld at least since that little hedgehog ran out in front of the car in the video for Bjork's "Human Behaviour" (1993). A master of the short form, Gondry has a memorable portfolio of commercials, videos and short films, and we've compiled a little gallery of some of our favorites for you below. (And don't miss this interview with Gondry.)

"Human Behavior" (Bjork, 1993):

A charming Levi's commercial:

"Let Forever Be" (Chemical Brothers, 1999):

A somewhat overwhelming Gap Kids holiday commercial:

We've shown this short -- "One Day" -- before, but can you ever get enough of David Cross as one angry shit? Gondry plays the very unhappy "Papa." (2001)

A very pretty ad for Air France:

"Fell in Love With A Girl," (The White Stripes/Lego, 2000):

That great Adrien Brody ad for Diet Coke:

"Winning Days," (The Vines, 2004):

A bizarre short, "Pecan Pie," starring Jim Carey. Your dream interpretations are welcome:

By Kl


By D.m.


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