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Announcing Song Search!

Published September 25, 2006 1:00PM (EDT)

Remember the last time you came upon a song you hadn't heard of before, a catchy tune that entered your head and refused to leave? The last time a fresh new sound seemed to open up the world just a little bit more? That's what Song Search is trying to find -- we want to unearth the greatest song you've never heard.

We need your help -- and, in this scenario, everyone's a winner. Listeners get to hear great new music; unsigned artists get to reach new fans and compete to win fame, glory and a $5,000 grand prize, or one of two $1,000 second prizes.

Here's how it works: We want to hear from every aspiring Bright Eyes and would-be Andre 3000 in the land. From today until Oct. 20, any unsigned band/singer-songwriter/act in America can submit one original, never-before-released-online song for consideration. Before entering, you must read our Terms and Conditions here, and if you accept, send your song in MP3 format to and include the phrase "I Agree" and the title of your song in the subject line.

A panel of Salon's critics and some of the best music bloggers will help us whittle the hopefuls down to 10. Then, starting Oct. 30, we'll match two new songs on Audiofile every Monday morning and have you voting online for the winner. We'll also have celebrity judges weigh in each week with their picks, including Rob Thomas, Chris Walla and other surprise guests. In the final week, the five winners from Round 1 will face each other in a victor-takes-all round of online voting, with the champion taking home the Song Search crown, the $5,000 first prize and untold glory and adoration.

So get the band together and hit the garage -- we want to hear your best song!

By Salon Staff

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