WSJ bests Newsweek, calling gay couple "couple"

It's just the real estate section, but still.

By Lynn Harris
Published September 27, 2006 5:22PM (UTC)
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Rebecca Traister posted yesterday about Newsweek's doing somersaults to avoid calling Annie Leibovitz and the late Susan Sontag "partners," or anything of the sort. In response, a Broadsheet reader noted that the Wall Street Journal -- at least its online Real Estate Journal -- performs no such acrobatics. As part of a regular series on people who have bought and sold second homes, they feature, with photo, "Homeowners Sandra Malard and Mary Desmond." The headline: "Couple Loses Rentals for Condo in Beach Town and Sells at a Profit." Maybe the gays are more "palatable" when the topic is strictly business? That said, it's nice to see reminders in the media that they do regular, go-about-your-day, sell-a-condo things other than have sex and redecorate. But never mind reading between the lines. Point is, the lines themselves -- "couple," "partners," whatever -- really needn't be so difficult to write.

Lynn Harris

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