Song Search: Blogger panel

Some of the Web's top bloggers join Song Search

By Salon Staff

Published October 6, 2006 7:30PM (EDT)

We've been busy listening to your Song Search submissions (we'll start featuring some of the tracks in the coming days, so keep 'em coming!), but we're happy to announce the lineup of bloggers who will be helping us select the final 10 songs that will go up for a vote. Let's have a round of applause for:

Brooklyn Vegan
Simon Reynolds (Blissblog)
Largehearted Boy
Blair from Music for Robots
Tofu Hut (who notes he'll be starting up a new site in 2007)

The panel will convene after the submission process ends on the 20th -- which means there are only two weeks left to submit, so if you've got a song ready, it's time to get the band together and record!

Salon Staff

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