First they came for Michelle Malkin

The YouTube-banned Michelle Malkin video.

By Kl

Published October 9, 2006 1:20PM (EDT)

Defending a hopelessly hackneyed baby Coulter isn't our idea of a great time, but really, what was YouTube thinking when it bounced Michelle Malkin's cheesy and (as the New York Times points out here) shabbily thought-out little bit of agitprop below? (It keeps getting re-posted to YouTube quicker than they can delete it.) We were off last week, so are late to this little dust-up. But we did read the news of Google eyeing YouTube, and began to wonder about the value of a site that is entirely user-generated and may, ultimately, require massive amounts of oversight. Malkin's zany conservatism pales compared 99 percent of the political content on YouTube. And that doesn't even begin to take into consideration the massive amounts of copyright violation going on. (Go ahead: Dream up a "South Park" episode you'd really, really like to watch right now in its entirety, and trust me, it's probably there.) We've enjoyed the ride of YouTube thus far -- and certainly exploited its riches -- but its golden era to us seems close to going down the tubes.

By Kl


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