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Breast cancer gene mutations, cola and osteoporosis, male birth control options and more!

Published October 9, 2006 10:51PM (EDT)

Reuters: Researchers in Britain find a new genetic mutation -- called BRIP1, and similar to BRCA2 -- that doubles a woman's risk of getting breast cancer.

Senior Journal: Older women can cut their breast cancer risk by maintaining a low body-mass index and engaging in frequent vigorous exercise.

HealthDay News: Women trying to quit smoking may benefit from taking an opiate blocker along with their standard-issue nicotine patches and counseling. (The combination may also help the quitters keep from gaining weight, which is good news, since the prospect of weight gain can be a deterrent for those contemplating quitting.) Unfortunately, male smokers don't seem to benefit from the combo.

Forensic Nurse: Almost one in four women will experience domestic violence in her lifetime. And Women's eNews reports that because of urban sprawl in Arizona, shelters for domestic-violence sufferers are stretched thin in meeting the demand.

Medical News Today: A new study from Tufts University has found a correlation between drinking cola and osteoporosis in women, regardless of their age or calcium intake.

BBC: Researchers make progress toward a safe, reliable and reversible male contraceptive, in the form of silicone plugs blocking the vas deferens. Researchers also report that men are eager to take on the responsibility! The only hitch is that the blocking method may cause sperm backup and gradually damage users' fertility, a wrinkle the research team promises to iron out soon.

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