Flash! Lame political ad never airs

The lame poltiical ad the GOP had the good sense to ditch.

By Kl

Published October 11, 2006 6:26PM (EDT)

Matt Drudge plays up this video as the Republican political ad that "GOP strategists all across Washington, DC" have deemed "too hot." Or not. The ad, created by Hollywood producer/director David Zucker ("Scary Movie," "Police Squad!" "Airplane!") allegedly was created for widespread GOP use in the waning weeks of the campaign season, and is now being rejected by all. We suspect the reason has less to do with its purported hotness than its serious lameness. An atrociously bad Madeleine Albright imitator's skirt splits while she's changing a tire for a Middle Eastern dictator. Har! Democrats wish the GOP would've been dumb enough to run this:

Besides, if he wanted to use Kim Jong-il to have fun with the idea of playing nice with madmen, he should've watched "Team America," and maybe this great scene with the UN arms inspector Hans Blix:

By Kl


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