Political ads: The good, the bad, the unwatchable

Help us chronicle the campaign season's best and worst political ads.

By Kl

Published October 13, 2006 9:00PM (EDT)

Does Democratic challenger Ned Lamont's run of clever TV ads continue with the new one below, or does it come crashing to an overproduced, overly clever and sort of obnoxious halt? We know what we think, but we're more interested in hearing what you think.

We also want you to send us the best and worst political ads you've seen this season so far. It can be a YouTube link or other (many candidates post their TV spots on their Websites) or a video of the ad itself. Just send it to videodog@salon.com, and we'll spotlight the high/lowlights in these final weeks of campaign season, culminating in Top 10 lists of the best and worst.

By Kl


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