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What do women's rowing, breast pumps, trampy outfits and marching bands have in common? They're all in "what else we're reading"!

Published October 16, 2006 9:02PM (EDT)

Boston Globe: "Mother of women's rowing" dies... at age 97. Health-conscious ladies, grab your oars!

Deutsche Presse-Agentur: A Zimbabwean MP who said two weeks ago that women aren't equal to men gets suspended. Nice!

Associated Press: Women who have survived heart defects jump through hoops to have babies of their own.

New York Times: Married couples now the minority!

New York Times, again: Another epic saga of a nursing mother trying valiantly to pump her breasts on a business trip and get her breast milk through airline security.

New York Times, thirdly: They're a little behind the times with this scoop, but anyone irked by the "I've got ears and a bra... I'm a cat! I've got horns and a bra... I'm a devil!" school of costuming will rejoice at this opinion piece on how Halloween has gone hoochie.

Reuters: Speaking of behind the times (though they are reporting on a new study), the wire service reports that college women are more preoccupied with their weight than college men.

Wisconsin State Journal: via Nerve: Speaking of college women and men, the University of Wisconsin marching band is apparently rife with sexist hazing; female members report being forced by older male band members to suck on sex toys, draw obscene pictures, recite obscene lyrics, divulge their sexual preferences and kiss other women in exchange for exotic privileges like using the bus bathroom.

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