The legend of Billie Jean

All hail the planned Billie Jean King International Women's Sports Center!

Published October 18, 2006 8:08PM (EDT)

This news item from the Associated Press caught my eye: The Women's Sports Foundation, which was founded by Billie Jean King, is joining with the National Sports Museum in the creation of a center that will shine a spotlight on women in sports! Plans for the Billie Jean King International Women's Sports Center were unveiled at the future site of the National Sports Museum yesterday. If you're making travel plans, the museum is slated for completion in 2008.

Sports royalty such as the magnificent King, Martina Navratilova and Julie Foudy were on hand for the unveiling. Among the items that were featured in the ceremony and will reside at the museum are the wooden racquet King used at Wimbledon and Wilma Rudolph's 1961 Associated Press Athlete of the Year trophy.


The inclusion of women in the National Sports Museum is the result of years of activism by athletes and activists. It is fitting that the Billie Jean King International Women's Sports Center bears the name of a living legend and outspoken activist for equality.

Go on with your bad self, Billie Jean King!

By Pamela Merritt

Pamela Merritt is the Co-Founder of Reproaction, a leading abortion rights and reproductive justice organization. Pamela is an activist and writer committed to empowering individuals and communities through reproductive justice. A proud Midwesterner, Merritt is dedicated to protecting and expanding access to the full spectrum of reproductive healthcare.

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