Cheney on the "last throes": Never mind

The vice president says we aren't seeing them anymore.

By Tim Grieve

Published October 25, 2006 6:27PM (EDT)

Dick Cheney said in May 2005 that we were seeing the "last throes" of the insurgency in Iraq. As recently as this June, the vice president was still insisting that he was right.

Now? Not so much.

In an interview that aired this morning, NPR's Juan Williams asked Cheney if he thinks the insurgents are "in the 'last throes' now." His response: "I can't say that. I would have expected that the political process we set in motion -- the three national elections and so forth -- would have resulted in a lower level of violence than we're seeing today. It hasn't happened yet. I can't say that we're over the hump in terms of violence, no."

So far as we can tell, Williams didn't ask Cheney if he still thinks U.S. troops are being "greeted as liberators."

Tim Grieve

Tim Grieve is a senior writer and the author of Salon's War Room blog.

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