Jean Schmidt: From calling out "cowards" to eating crow

The Ohio Republican's campaign is upset that her challenger is using videotape of her own words on the House floor.

Published October 26, 2006 7:59PM (EDT)

Remember when Ohio Rep. Jean Schmidt called Jack Murtha a coward for suggesting that it's time for the U.S. military to redeploy out of Iraq? So does Schmidt's Democratic challenger, Victoria Wulsin, who's using a video of Schmidt's statement on the House floor -- complete with the howls of complaint that could be heard when she made it -- as part of a new television commercial. Schmidt's campaign is crying foul, saying that Wulsin's ad violates a House Ethics Committee rule against using video of floor proceedings in campaign ads. But as the Cincinnati Enquirer notes, there's just one little problem with Schmidt's argument: The House Ethics Committee rule applies only to members of the House, not to those who'd like to be one someday.

By Tim Grieve

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